Clark's Trading Post

Clark's Trading Post

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In 1928 Florence and Ed Clark opened a roadside attraction for White Mountain travelers in Lincoln NH. "Ed Clark's Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch," featured guided tours of their pure-bred Eskimo sled dogs and artifacts from the far North. The original "Stand", or Trading Post, offered souvenirs, tonic, and maple candy to the motorists on nearby Route 3.

Florence and Ed purchased their first Black Bear in 1931. Clark's Bears acted as the perfect "stopper," a visible attraction, gaining the attention of the curious passer-by. Starting in 1949 Edward and Murray, sons of Florence and Ed, began teaching and training the bears for show work. The Clark brothers and their bears, delighted guests with a healthy dose of wit, humor, and hospitality as they entertained and educated the audience. The Bear Show was born!

Generations later, that philosophy lives on as the Clark's offer visitors the best in family entertainment and good honest fun. You can find up to 20 family members still working at the business to this day keeping the family business going. We are now on the fifth generation and hope to continue to entertain guests for years to come.

Remembering Ed and Murray Clark

Edward M. Clark 1924- 2009
W. Murray Clark 1927-2010

Ed and Murray ClarkThe Clark Family announces with regret the passing of Edward M. Clark and W. Murray Clark, co-owners of Clark's Trading Post.

With vision, hard work and Yankee ingenuity, the brothers transformed a roadside attraction into the popular tourist destination it is today.

They leave behind a family dedicated to continuing the tradition of "Gold Standard Entertainment" for generations to come.

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Nation's First Dedicated Segway© Ride Opens at Clarks!

Wolfie's White Mountain Wheelin' Segway ParkConstruction is now completed on the nation's first dedicated Segway Ride at Clark's Trading Post, the well-known family entertainment complex in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Officially open in June 2009, "Wolfie's White Mountain Wheelin' Segway Park" features over 450 feet of attractively laid out and landscaped track together with a training area where guests (subject to height/weight limits) have the opportunity to try out the exciting Segway i2 Human Transporter under the watchful training of Segway qualified instructors.

Wolfie's White Mountain Wheelin' Segway ParkUpon completing a brief but thorough training session and wearing a mandatory helmet, qualified guests have the opportunity to "solo" out along the prepared trails for a three-minute excursion. The ride will operate continuously throughout the day and is included in the general admission price. For most folks, this will be their first opportunity to experience a Segway. It's an exciting addition to the Clark's Trading Post collection of outstanding attractions.

Segways are built right here in Bedford, NH making for a most appropriate in-state connection. Come join us for the new Segway ride and Segway Safari tours and prepare yourself for an exciting experience with the newest form of wheeled transportation right alongside our authentic wood-fired, steam powered train - what a contrast!

The New Winter Habitat for the Clark's Bears is complete!

  • The New Winter Habitat for the Clark's Bears
  • The New Winter Habitat for the Clark's Bears

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible care and conditions for our black bears, we are pleased to announce that the finishing touches on new winter quarters for the bears have been completed.

The new spacious accommodations will house the bears, off public display, when they are not performing in the famous Clark's Bear Show.

Clark's Trading Post has been picked by the editors of Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide to New England as best of the region!

Clark's Trading Post has been picked by the editors of Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide to New England as best of the regionClark's was included among regional restaurants, lodging, attractions, museums and shops that, according to the travel experts at Yankee Magazine's Travel Guide, are not to be missed!